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Can you nowadays run a company without having a website? Most of new companies start their activity with creating a website. Our team of experts know how to prepare brand-building page or a website aimed at selling goods. We show our customers’ items in an attractive way. Effectively designed websites, which use latest technology, guarantee that you will be able to run business without an office. Every operation may be controlled online. Taking advantage of all instruments available gives opportunity to control traffic at the website and direct customers’ operations. Thanks to that we can choose properly further marketing operations.


For our new customers, who have just started their business as well as for those who would like to change the image of existing companies, we propose creating visual identity for the company. We take care of designing and printing all elements needed: logo, leaflets, business cards, posters, banners, business stationery. We can also design trade fair booths and advertising stands. We realise orders for large and small - format printing as well.


We create the image of a product from the very beginning. We carry out graphic design on packaging ( all sort of materials: glass, aluminium, paper etc.), examine not only the interest in the product, but also possible ways of launching it into the market.


This service enables you to reach customers who are in need of a service or product which is available in your offer. This is the way to shorten long way of searching customers interested in our products. The next advantage is that you only pay for results, it also gives you possibility to adjust the campaign to particular geographical areas, chose the time when it should be carried out, and what is more - you determine the daily budget for it. Sponsored links enable detailed campaign analysis and allow to keep current improvements, so that the efficiency will grow rapidly.


After having analysed goals and assumptions we point out areas on the Internet where the target group can be found. We choose the most suitable content, design graphic elements and prepare text, set the time of broadcasting campaign, together with our customers we fix budget. You should arrange the meeting with our salesperson today. Every appointment brings you closer to identifying your business goals. Our team would like to achieve them for you.


Buzz marketing is a perfect tool for all areas of business. It allows to use unlimited opportunities offered by the Internet. It is creating image of a company in the Internet as well as acquiring new customers through expressing opinion about products and services. It is a way to give some information on a massive scale. It also allows to confront with potential clients. Other ways of advertising do not provide feedback from customers about services and products.


Nowadays, because of social media, advertising campaigns are territorially unlimited. It is less official way to reach more demanding group of customers, for example teenagers. It is also a good way to increase the number of people interested in our products and build customer base. The main advantage of using social media is that it works all night and day and it is almost free of charge.


Our qualified team offers following services: market research before launching the product, conducting questionnaires, pre-sales operations, building customer base and using our bases, building special bases dedicated to certain events or projects. We implement projects that concern special needs.


We have got our own multi-criteria B2B basesfor our customers disposal. We can also offer B2C bases.We are a Polish-French company operating in the whole Europe. That is why we can offer an access to the worldwide databases. We can also prepare bases for special events.

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